Jason Leopold

Jason Leopold

Investigative Reporter

I'm senior investigative reporter for BuzzFeed News. My weapon: FOIA. PGP fingerprint 46DB 0712 284B 8C6E 40FF 7A1B D3CD 5720 694B 16F0.

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Energy Central

New Documents Suggest Enron's Lay, Skilling, Washington Lobbyist Knew About Company's Trading Schemes In California

Federal energy regulators have just released more than 400 pages of documents that suggest former Enron chairman Ken Lay and former chief executive Jeff Skilling were aware that Enron's west coast traders may have broken the law by using manipulative trading tactics in California to boost Enron's profits during the...

Energy Central

Some of Gov. Schwarzenegger's Energy Advisers Who Are Pushing For A Competitive Electricity Market Contributed Heavily To Gov's Campaign Last Year

One of the many missteps that led to the unraveling of Gray Davis' decades long political career was the way in which the former governor of California handled the state's energy crisis. Sure, Davis may have publicly vilified energy companies such as Enron for ripping off the state and manipulating